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S. C. Alley - Author 

Description : Sixteen-year-old Derek wants nothing more than a fresh start in his new home. But that isnít what heís about to get and his hopes for new beginnings are dashed the minute he enters the house. What he is about to get are some trouble-making ghost hunters and a spirit seeking violent revenge for a hidden past. Worse still, she has made Derek her chosen vessel to settle her debts. Can she force Derek to do her bidding? Can Ghost Club help? The past merges horribly with the present as her relentlessness persuades him to attempt the darkest deed of all......
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Biography :
After much playing around with pen names for short stories, S.C. Alley finally settled on writing under her maiden name because she was always at the top of any alphabetical list at school. She has a Master of Arts degree in Writing for Children from the University of Winchester and lives in Surrey. From her youth, S.C. Alley has been both fascinated and terrified in equal measures by all things that go bump in the night. It is this somewhat nervous disposition that has fuelled her writing of strange and supernatural tales. Interact with and Follow S. C .Alley on Facebook

The Ghost Club
Hopefully, the book stimulates your interest in all things paranormal. Join with others who feel the same way and want to discover more about haunted places. We will highlight any new reading matter, websites and ghost stories that we think are worth a mention. Perhaps you'll discover more than you bargained for as a real Ghost Hunter? First, read the book......and then use all the tools at your disposal. Good hunting and happy reading!.
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